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Silver Rose Madame: Small

Silver Rose Madame: Small

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Modular 3 piece outfit. Silver Rose Brocade with black satin & maroon/burgundy crepe damask. Large Oversized Collar Detachable Sleeves Bolero Vest w/Half Bell Slit Lace Trimmed Sleeves & Paned "Puff & Slash" shoulders. Bolero is 30" waist & 32" shoulders (Sleeves attached). Corset 31" Bust, 27" Waist - cut above the hips. 10.5" armpit to waist & 15.5" top to bottom in the front. Full pleated skirt features detachable bustle and panniers as well as hidden pocket for cell phone, money, cards etc. Waist 27", 42.5" long. 46" long bustle.

$100 rent

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