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Ben Nye

Creme Colors, F/X 72 Black & Blue

Creme Colors, F/X 72 Black & Blue

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FX Creme Colors are ideal for creating visually impactful injury simulations, dramatic makeup designs, and adding subtle character details. They feature our expertly blended micro-fine pigments suspended in a versatile and HD creme base formula for the eyes, face, lips, and body. The unique pigmentation to these cremes make it possible to apply colors opaque or blended deeply into the skin providing hyper-realistic effects. 

Color pots can stack on each other, allowing artists to create customized color selections that take up minimal kit space. The extensive color range available can help achieve a broad spectrum of makeup applications, making these cremes a versatile addition to any SFX, cosplay, film, fashion, or editorial makeup artist’s kit.

FX – 8.5gm./.3oz. Expect 50-250 applications.

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