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Leonardo Carbone

Cape, Wool Alma Green

Cape, Wool Alma Green

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Green wool cloak with long hood. Embroidery trim. ankle length cloak, $20 Rent,

  • long hood
  • front side closure with strings
  • with hand-stitched embroidery
  • heavy woolen mixture
  • total lenght: 131 cm / width: 231 cm
  • dry cleaning only
  • medieval and viking

Fabric compositions

  • Green: 72,12 % wool, 16,12 % polyester, 6,31 % nylon, 3,49 % cotton, 1,96% viscose

Timeless medieval cape made of high quality wool blend - Perfect for historical events.

Discover our elegant and high quality medieval cape, made from a high quality wool blend. The cape features a short hood and an elegant tie front look, giving it a timeless and stylish appearance.

The wool blend of the cloak is mainly made of the finest wool, which makes it comfortable to wear and gives it a classic look. The short hood provides additional warmth.

This cape is perfect for historical events like medieval festivals, cosplay events and historical reenactments. It goes well with both male and female garb and is a versatile garment for any occasion.

The timeless character of this medieval cape makes it an essential part of your wardrobe. Wear it to any occasion and add a unique touch to your outfit.

Order our timeless medieval cape made of high quality wool blend now and get ready for an unforgettable journey into the fascinating world of the Middle Ages.

Care instructions

We recommend to clean the Viking cloak only dry. Dirt spots can basically be brushed out well or partially wiped out carefully with a damp towel. The medieval cloak should not be washed in the washing machine and in no case go into the dryer because the wool fabric can be damaged. If a wash is necessary because of very coarse dirt, we recommend to wash the cloak carefully by hand in cold water in the bathtub with some wool detergent. It should not be "soaked" in the water and left lying. Then it can be dried "lying" on a towel.


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