SKIRT, Glass Art Open Cage Pannier, Couture Masquerade Ball Costume

$2,700.00 (See Additional Information for Rental price)

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Shimmering red amulets of handmade glass art adorn the skirt. Cage hoop pannier foundation is handmade with steel boning for structure. Complete couture costume includes coordinating corset with handblown glass flames cupping breasts, in a flame effect for naughty devilish masquerade ball costume. Decorative piece, not intended for waist training.

Skirt rents alone for $150, or wear the two pieces of glass art together for $175 (compared to $300 when priced separately). Skirt fits waist size 30 inches with some adjustability.

DURABLE — NO NOT BE AFRAID TO RENT IT! Repairs are available for about $60 if things do break. You do NOT have to pay the purchase price if it accidentally breaks. NO WORRIES.

CUSTOM ORDER available — have the base foundation cage pannier made in any color and size for just $600! See page:



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Glass By Sabina

Sabina Boehm’s natural talent has always drawn her to the arts. As Seattle’s Borosilicate art glass movement was just starting to gain momentum, in 1994, she secured an apprenticeship. Then used those early years gaining knowledge through observation, practice, classes and networking. In the late 1990’s, Sabina started a cooperative glass studio. She later worked with Momka’s Glass Company, testing color for the glass chemist. This gave her an insightful knowledge of glass. The feminine appeal of glass, as well as the meditative process has kept her blowing for the past 23 years. Dressing up and making costumes have been an almost involuntary part of her creativity. Embarking on the making of these glass corsets was a huge undertaking. Each individual component was handmade on a torch out of borosilicate glass. Theses corsets are hopefully the beginning of a body of work that will continue to grow. You can see her work displayed at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival, published in magazines and on the web at

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