“Rustles” Lobster Cage Victorian Bustle with Ruffles, Wear Two as 18th c. Panniers

$140.00 (See Additional Information for Rental price)


Ready for carnival masquerade ball, Venice is Sinking, or your next festival, even Burning Man. Add this super cute Rustle Ruffle-Bustle to ANY ensemble, for POCKETS and fun shaping.

The rustle or ruffle-bustle is a modest size bustle with light steel boning, and three fluffy ruffles adding to the fullness and certainly the festiveness.  They work well as outerwear or underwear.  This listing includes one Rustle, to be worn at the back as a bustle. Your Rustle comes with a long ribbon tie, which can be tied around the waist leaving a ribbon bow.

It’s versatile! Wear one in the back (as in bustle look pictured) or wear TWO (one on each hip) for the pannier look made popular during 18th century by fashionistas like Marie Antoinette.

They work well as outerwear or underwear.

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