Corset B&W Masquerade M/L

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SHOWCASE. Center back laced grommet opening, 1/4″ steel bones, Corded edges with center front drawstring to shape over bosom, and center back underlap placket, with 1″ side seam allowances for easy alterations, viscose/cotton blend brocade coutil, standard busk front

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SHOWCASE, with removable stomacher (Plain black when stomacher removed), as seen at Venice is Sinking 2018. Couture. Bespoke. Part of the Ensemble B & W Masquerade Marie Antoinette
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Brand: Period Corsets by Palatine Productions

Size: M/L. waist is 26″ when fully closed. Opens up to 29″ easily, due to modesty panel under the laces in the back.


A Masquerade Couture

Since 1999, A Masquerade Costume Couture line has been taking liberties with interpreting historical costuming, mashing together different eras, building new pieces inspired by history and fashion, using opulent fabrics and trims, adding accessories and details, creating head to toe original looks. The looks are modular, pieced together for the moment, so you wear pieces you like and layer them differently each time.

Period Corsets

Some of our exquisite costumes are created in collaboration with designers from Period Corsets.Visit for their full selection of underpinnings!

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