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Ben Nye makes the most practical theatrical make up kits available. Creme make up kits are a standard for class, production, and all theatrical make up needs. Products are intensely pigmented, easy to blend and provide exceptional design options.

Kits include five cream bases plus a versatile assortment of special colors and products.

Each kit contains the following make up items: 3 Foundations, 2 Flat Brushes, 4 Creme Liners, White Hair Color (Ivory in TK-3), 1 Creme Rouge, Latex Foam Sponge, 1 Creme Highlight, Translucent Powder, 1 Creme Shadow, Velour Powder Puff, 1 Dry Rouge, Nose Scar and Putty, 1 Dry Rouge Brush, Spirit Gum, 2 Pencils, Stipple Sponge, 1 Natural Lip Color, Make-up Remover.

The generous supply of full size components provides dozens of applications for class plus several productions.

TK-1 Fair Female: Light-Medium
TK-2 Fair Male: Medium-Tan
TK-3 Olive: Light-Medium
TK-4 Olive: Medium-Deep
TK-6 Brown: Light-Medium
TK-7 Brown: Medium-Dark


Fair: Light-medium
Brand: Ben Nye

Size: Large


Ben Nye

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