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Show your devotion to the greatest performers to hit the stage in this Spaceman costume for adults! This Spaceman costume from KISS’ Rock the Nation Tour includes a black jumpsuit that zips in the front down to the waist and has three-quarter sleeves. At the bottom of the pant legs are elastic bands that slip around the feet. The collar and sleeves are lined in a shiny, silver foam trim. The same material creates lighting bolts across the torso. These bolts circle around and meet in the middle of the lower back. Lighting bolts are also sewn onto the side of the legs beginning below the knee. These bolts make their way up the thigh and meet in the back of the waist. The jumpsuit is embellished with small, silver rhinestones that are grouped together and look like the tail of a shooting star. These rhinestones are grouped twice over the chest (not pictured), waist, shoulder blades and on each sleeve. The shoulder discs are also made from the shiny, silver material and included five attached foam rings. They are secured to the shoulder with four snaps. Add the matching Spaceman platform boots and you’ll be set to walk on stage.

  • 100% polyester jumpsuit zips down front
  • Three-quarter lenght sleeves
  • Collar & sleeves are lined w/ a shiny foam trim
  • Lightning bolts accent the torso, lower back, & legs
  • Jumpsuit is embellished w/ small, silver rhinestones to look like a shooting stars
  • Five foam rings secure to shoulders w/ four snaps
  • Officially licensed

. Ace Frahley Rhinestone Studded Bodysuit & Silver Arm Circles. Includes wig 7404 with rental which has a separate replacement value not included in purchase of costume. Size: Standard
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