About Us


Kyra Stewart – Founder

The business launched in 1999 when a life-long passion for making and collecting costumes, and dressing friends, turned from hobby to vocation. It started in my home, a condo, with a personal collection of about 500 used costumes. Some are stage worn, some vintage, some fan-made, some wearable art, and all interesting — not the usual stuff you’d expect to see in a costume shop. Over the last 20+ years, we have blossomed and transitioned. I am thankful especially to the many gifted associates who have lent time and talent, soul and spirit, and left their marks as they moved on, or are with me still.

Together, we lean into our gratitude that we have an opportunity to serve you. Thanks to YOU, we are still here. What is next? Taking the show on the road, stepping outside the brick-and-mortar confines. We have launched our MOBILE WARDROBE SERVICE for rentals and sales. We take small curated sections of the collection to medieval and renaissance faires, pirate and viking festivals, photobooths, pop-up shops, theme parties and events, weddings, and more. Please invite us to YOUR EVENT!

Shaun Kelly – Wardrobe Stylist, Designer

Shaun has been in our inner circle since 2012. He first came in as a customer, but soon discovered he loved helping other customers put together their own looks. He began giving GREAT customer service in his free time, when he stopped in the shop, according to people who were checking out. “That guy was so helpful” would be met with “He doesn’t even work here, he’s also a customer. He just likes helping people assemble outfits.”  Shaun is now officially working for us part-time, while still managing the workload of his own family-run business full-time, too. Shaun is also passionate about MAKING clothing and accessories, with his own fashion line HOUSE OF SHAUN. Some of the fabric he uses features his own illustrations, as well. You can see some samples by HOUSE OF SHAUN, in our little in-store kiosk, a tiny store within a store. See more of his work IG house_of_shaun_ (note the extra underscore at the end). Talk to him about making something unique just for you!

On behalf of the whole team, let me say we love to dress you up!
– Kyra


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